The Waist


The waist measurement depends on how high or low you wear your pants! You should measure the area where you want your jeans to sit. Make sure the tape is snug, but not pulling tightly, and not too loose.  Measure over jeans or similar clothing. 

(Please DO NOT mention your label size. Instead, measure your waist according to the instructions above. UpScales Fashions 43 custom-fit, ready-made jeans are always more than their corresponding label sizes and may vary from brand to brand)  



The Seat


The “Seat” is the widest part of the area in the picture next to you. Keep the measuring tape here. Remember, the area which gives the maximum measurement is the “Seat.”

*This measurement is required.

Front Rise  

Please measure from the top of your front waistband to where all the seams meet at the crotch area of the jeans. Make sure the tape measure is comfortable.  


With your hand under the crotch area of the jeans, hold the tape measure where the crotch area seams meet. Keep in mind that the front rise measurement also depends on how high or low you wear your jeans.

Finally, in the back of the jeans, measure from the top of your waistband straight down to where the seams meet.




Back Rise

 We can calculate the back rise measurement according to our expert's knowledge, but if you want a certain back rise measurement, you can specify it here.

The measurement technique is the same as the front rise measurement, except it is the back of the jeans!  Measure from the top of your waistband at the back straight down to where the seams meet.

*PLEASE NOTE: We will increase/decrease the back rise in the case that the measurements seem incorrect or do not appear to correspond with your other measurements.



The Thigh

Lay your Jeans completely flat, and looseness or folds from the front and back. Measure as shown in the corresponding picture, this will be the widest and fullest part of the thighs.  Multiply this measurement by 2. We will cut the thigh area of you jeans according to the measurements you provide.  





Measure the inseam by starting at the center crotch seam, then measuring all the way down one leg to the hem. Be sure that the tape measure lays flat against the jeans to get an accurate measurement.




Measure the outer length of your existing jeans and input the length or enter the length you want after any adjustments.

We will cut the fabric (taking the shrinkage in consideration), please keep in mind that custom-made jeans do differ in the length (around 2%) after the washing process.

Please note this is outer length and NOT the inseam.




1. Measure the total inseam and mark at exactly half-way of the total inseam measurement. Once you have marked the half-way point of the total inseam measurement, go two inches up and you will have your knee line measurement. (Divide total inseam measurement by two and then subtract two inches to get the knee line measurement.)

2. Measure across from the marked area (knee line) and multiply by two. 

This is your knee measurement! You can measure the knees of your existing jeans or have someone help take the measurement for you.